International Action

ARBA-Esa was created in 1711 and is one of the oldest art schools in Europe. Fruit of a long tradition, it is attentive to its heritage but also to its contemporary roots, the quality of its teaching and the need to continuously promote educational innovations. The school is a privileged place of initiation to art, place of transmission, place of creation, it is also a space of opening and exchanges that benefits from a strong international attractiveness. At the heart of Europe, Brussels is an international and multilingual city and ARBA-EsA has been welcoming a large European and International foreign population (45%) for many decades.

With the desire to fully play its role at the international level, the school has strengthened its educational cooperation by developing projects, most often with international partners, in the form of ad hoc partnerships or longer-term collaborations for the organisation of events, exhibitions, symposia at international level (often outside of Erasmus exchanges). It also has a publishing policy which research standards and reputation are recognised at international level (La Part de l'Œil editions, the AKA collection, etc…). It also invites artists on a regular basis, international speakers, it organises seminars, workshops…

ArBA-ESA supports any project, exchange, pedagogical development of international scope which favours on one side innovation, development/exchange of knowledge, dissemination, intervention in the professional field and on the other side research, reflection, influence in the field of artistic education, for the benefit of the institution and the subjects taught.

ArBA-ESA is fully aware that often proposals based on artistic or intellectual affinities allow the development and anchoring of strong partnerships with real added value for students and teachers.


Moreover, ArBA underlines the need to be flexible and creative in order to be reactive in the design, generation and dissemination of new knowledge, new practices in the field of art by choosing strong partners.


Finally, the school wishes to lead its graduates to take up challenges in the field of art, a field open to social, cultural and economic realities by being attentive to the changes underway and the transformations to come.




Service des mobilités internationales: Dana Trama
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