The quality approach at ArBA-EsA

The quality approach aims to improve quality within the school at different levels: teaching projects, administrative management, preparation for professional life, etc.


This approach is part of the overall framework of evaluations of educational establishments in French-speaking Belgium and at the international level. AEQUES, the Agency for the Evaluation and Quality of Higher Education, supervises this evaluation process through several actions. 

As part of this process, the ArBA-ESA is subject to an evaluation every 5 years by external experts and a report in which the school presents its objectives and an implementation plan. action to achieve them.

Strategic plan 2018-2022

The development of the ArBA-EsA strategic plan is based on a consultation process between the various stakeholders in the school. It is the result of analysis of the school's main assets and the strategic objectives that it intends to pursue in the coming years. Its objectives are regularly presented and discussed in the various school councils in order to gain support from its various stakeholders.

A quality commission has been set up to ensure the implementation of the quality approach, the strategic plan and the analysis of its actions; students are associated with it.

Its mission is to evaluate training and the quality of academic courses, research, professionalization and internationalization of studies by implementing regular, formal and informal evaluation procedures. She presents the results of her investigations to school authorities and during AEQES evaluations.