Management bodies

The ArBA-EsA is made up of different councils which constitute the management bodies of the school.

Educational Management Council (CGP)

The CGP is responsible for developing the modalities for implementing the Academy's missions by drafting its educational and artistic project as well as the specific study regulations. It is consulted by the Organizing Authority on any educational question and on any question concerning the use of educational resources and the assignment of staff members.

It is made up of the management, the deputy management, 5 representatives of the teachers, 2 representatives of the assistants and teaching staff, a e representative of administrative staff, 3 union representatives and 5 student representatives.

General Curriculum Council (CGC)

The CGC is specific to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. It proposes the educational and artistic project of the school, the internal regulations, the specific study regulations. He forwards information relating to the needs of teaching and the interests of the Academy, he coordinates opinions and proposals and forwards them, if necessary, to the educational management council.

It is made up of the management, the deputy management, the 17 professors holding courses, the 17 representatives of professors and lecturers from CG, CT and CA*, 2 representatives assistants and teaching staff, a representative of administrative staff, a representative of the aggregation and 5 representatives s of students.

* artistic learning activities other than the main learning activities of said courses (if they exist).

Guidance Council (CO)

The guidance councils make proposals relating to the direction or directions aimed at realizing the educational project of the Academy. These proposals are submitted to the general options council then to the educational management council. 

It is made up of all the teachers involved in the training which corresponds to an orientation and 4 student representatives.

Social Council (CS)

The Social Council looks into questions relating to the material and social conditions of the school's students. He establishes the school's social budget and transmits it to the organizing authorities, he allocates social credits, he gives opinions on any question relating to the material and social conditions of the students.

It is made up of the management, 3 professor representatives, 3 student representatives, the bursar/technical advisor, the head of the accounting of the Academy and the social worker.

Student Council (CE)

The Student Council is an autonomous body that represents all ArBA-EsA students. It is made up of at least 7 members. They are elected each year by all students. Elections are held annually between March 1 and April 30. Any regularly registered student can be a candidate.

The Student Council aims to promote the interests of students in matters of teaching, pedagogy and management of the establishment. It ensures the dissemination and circulation of information. It stimulates the active participation of students.

The Council is represented in the following management bodies: the educational management council (5 student representatives), the general options council (5 student representatives s·x), the social council (3 student representatives), and the option councils (4 student representatives). To do this, it appoints its representatives from within, by May 31 at the latest.