Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Apocalypse

Filip Harna (Alumni Cursus Peinture), Anna Zanichelli et Sophie Valera-Garcia (Les Mains Frêles) (Alumni Cursus Sculpture) exposent à La Vallée.

From the 2nd of September until the 18th of september 2022, the physical exhibition "Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Apocalypse" will open its doors for three weeks in the exhibition halls of LaVallée, in the heart of Brussels.

3 months later, a virtual exhibition will be launched on the 7th December 2022. To explore the interconnectedness of the digital and physical world, this digital 3D CGI environment with augmented artworks will be accessible to a maximum audience through the website 

Seppe De Roo has been appointed as curator of this exhibition and will be advised by renowned curator and writer Hans Theys. Seppe De Roo is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Brussels, born in 1994. He is creating this exhibition as a work of art.

How do we deal with the idea of an ending civilisation? What does this idea symbolise in reality?

Since the beginning of society, mankind has conceptualised and depicted the end of times. Apocalyptic stories appeal to the imagination of contemporary humans. There is a strong pessimism in society about the future of mankind: the end is near, so to speak.

There is something ironic about this belief. People everywhere, in every age, have thought about the end and proclaimed prophecies. The Apocalypse is one of the oldest archetypal stories that reinvents itself in every age. For those who grew up during the Cold War, it was recreated in fear of a nuclear holocaust. For the younger generation, it is ecocide.
Despite all the problems, it is possible to visualise a better planet and society for the future.

The 15 selected young artists are partly artists of international standing and partly emerging talents from Brussels and Belgium.

Besides the survival of humanity, this exhibition is an exploration of the survival of young artists. Young artists' visions of the future of mankind need to be shared as they will inspire and shape the world of tomorrow.

What can this story mean for humanity and the planet? Not only in its end, but also in its rebirth?

Each selected artist has a unique perspective on this that is reflected in science, religion and existential questions encompassed in a variety of media, from painting to high-tech art.

In addition to a 4-week residency for all participating artists in LaVallée's exhibition spaces, there will be a performance platform every Sunday in collaboration with ‘Tictac Art Center’ in Anderlecht & ‘Ne Mosquito Pas’. During the exhibition there will be music performances, workshops and free guided tours by Seppe De Roo for young people in Molenbeek through strategic partnerships with ‘Foyer’ and Arts & Public’, 2 cultural mediation organizations based in Molenbeek.

Sit back