Contact and organisation chart

Head office

Head office

Daphné de Hemptinne
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10

External Relations and Communications Department

Coordination and artistic programming

Artistic coordinator: Vincenzo Pezzella
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Coordination of the network of artists and cooperation with cultural institutions, management of artistic relations and contacts, coordination of ISAC


Project Manager : Clémence Detroy
Tél +  32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Project coordinator, internal and external communication of ArBA-EsA

Graphic communication : Christophe Carbonnery
Tél : +32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Graphic and visual design

International mobility

ERASMUS Manager : Yuna Denis
Erasmus coordination, AEF Europe, Erasmus student and teacher mobility, FAME fund and international internships 
Open on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Erasmus office.

Quality coordinator

Lydie Laville
Attached to management. Development of evaluation methods and tools for institutional management. Liaison with AEQES and monitoring of its recommendations. Implementation of the quality process, contribution to the constitution and writing of the report, coordination of evaluations. Collaboration with stakeholders for continuous improvement in the quality of education.

Gender contact person (PCG)

Lydie Laville

Raise awareness and promote gender equality within the school, by encouraging the adoption of gender policies and the implementation of action plans.Promote networking, collaborating with other actors involved in gender issues and participating in collective initiatives to promote equality.


General Administration

Head of general administration

Muriel Parent
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Personnel management, teacher files, recruitment, monitoring of bodies, external administrative liaison (Copaloc, Ares, etc.), management secretariat (meeting requests, organization of meetings), etc.


Gayané Zatikian
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Administrative management and communication to teachers: memos, services of guest speakers/monitors/professors, living model files, organization and monitoring of artistic juries, help with CRs, transport, management of premises and common areas, management of modules ,…

Legal and financial department

Legal and financial management

Dana Trama
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Attached to management, in charge of the legal and financial management of the Academy. Ensure legal compliance of texts, monitoring legal and regulatory issues related to the school, students, teachers and academy staff. Advise the school on legal management, liaison with the City of Bxl and the FWB, ... Supervise accounting, expenses, contracts, minimize risks, optimize flows, financial report, non-profit accounts.

Accounting and financial management

Benjamin Doyen 
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10 
Financial management and accounting, expense tables, workflow, expense request, payment of invoices, non-material disbursement request, payment of registration fees, accounting, financial management,...

Studies and Student Life Services (SEVE)

Head of the studies department

Marie Pantanacce (direction adjointe)

Academic advisor

Camille Chantrain / absente

Claire Lozier
Tél 02/506.10.10

Guidance advice, study programs and teaching profiles, promotion of professional and personal experience, exemptions, tutoring, communication with students, internationalization, PAE, CAC management, module management, etc. 
Coordinates the SE: FWB schedule, follow-up of files, responsible for student files: management and constitution of files, verification of documents, equivalences, E-landscape liaison

Student secretariat



Frédéric Dekeyzer,
Tél +32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Registrations, student administrative files and deliberations, transcripts, diplomas, teacher liaison, annual student program, exams, responsible for student files: management and constitution of files, verification of documents, equivalences, etc.


Mme Elif Büyükdere
Tél +32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Responsible for assignments, managing and compiling files, checking documents, equivalences, exemption requests, etc.


Social Services

Assistante sociale: July Fontaine
Tél +32 (0) 2 506 10 22
Social advice, social assistance, listening, medical visits and Mediferrer relay, inclusive education, etc. Scholarships, modest status, self-financing…
Informations :

Didactic and research service

In-depth master's coordinator, AESS, didactic master's degree, researchDirk Dehouck
Research center, dissertations and doctorates, aggregation of upper secondary education, etc.

FIE Advisor (teacher training) 
Mme Lydie Laville 
Implementation of the training reform attached to the Aggregation of Visual Arts and Space Teaching

Technical, security and IT services

Building and logistics

Building coordination : Simone Perazzelli
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Building management. He ensures the maintenance of the building and its premises, he acts in liaison with the City to report problems and monitor the work, he ensures the coordination of the maintenance of infrastructure and equipment. He is responsible for reporting problems to the competent services (good performance), and ensuring the maintenance of the premises and their equipment. He also monitors the work and participates in the implementation of development projects.

Logistics coordination : Mathias Sauvey
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10  
Responsibility for the smooth running of logistics operations and orders, monitoring of expenditure requests, management of annual orders for consumables and educational materials, relay to City services and suppliers, small public contracts. Ensures that the Necessary supplies and equipment are available for students and teachers. He also supervises the PPP (school procurement), supports the school's three exhibition projects.


Didier Geritzen
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10 
Coordination of the service team, maintenance and cleaning of the building, management and closure of the building

Safety and Well-being

SIPPT agent, local security guide and trusted person

Matthias De Jonghe 

Local safety guide on occupational safety, hygiene, ergonomics, and psychosocial aspects at work. 
Person of Trust: Ensures a confidential space where Academy staff members can express their concerns, ensuring a safe and respectful environment.

Informatic service

IT Manager : Stéphanie Garcia Arias 
Tél + 32 (0) 2 506 10 10
Internal IT management, IT equipment and software, orders, I-CITY connection (GIAL), E landscape, implementation and processing of the Proéco database, Gestac

Information desk

Reception agent

Khadija Bouhamidy / absent (temporarily out of service)