François Jacob | Là où personne ne t'attend

François Jacob (Enseignant au sein du Cursus Peinture) (*1976) takes the motifs for his paintings from sources such as books, films or theater scenes. The anonymous templates, mostly from the 19th or 20th centuries, offer the artist an objective and impartial look. The paintings can always be found in a concrete origin motif, which, due to the new contextualization in the picture, leaves a lot of imagination for vague and fantastic stories.
Through the color application, often kept in sepia tones, Jacob Sujets designs occupy their own space between dream and reality. Strong contrasts in light and dark give the playing styles of the sometimes specifically expressed and the blurred indefinite stage, who make the image staff acting a variety of reality.

François Jacob
DUEL, 2022, Öl auf Leinwand / Oil on canvas, 150 x 115 cm