Naama Shoshana Fogiel Lewin
© @arnaudbeelen

Naama Shoshana Fogiel Lewin is a dancer, performer, choreographer, curator, dramaturge, and Pilates teacher based in Bruxelles.

After graduating from the Reut high school - Dance department (Ballet, Graham, Contemporary, composition), she took part in a two-year dance and choreography program at “RE-SEARCH” center. During her education in dance, Naama acquired strong technical skills in ballet and contemporary dance. She has researched and experimented with voice work as part of the moving body and her artistic language, together with curiosity and creativity toward the human body, movement, and space. Naama has performed in various festivals around Israel with the choreographers; Doron Raz, Or Marin, Maya Brinner, Giannalberto de Filippis, and Michal Mualem.

In the last few years, Naama has been based in Bruxelles. Between 2019-2022 she participates in the Vincent Hodin company: ‘Compagnie du Dedans’ in France. Since 2021 until today she has been dancing in Marco Torrice’s project 'Melting Pot' in Belgium, with whom she performed in Ostend, Leuven, Antwerpen, Gent, Bruxelles (BE), and Rome (IT).

In 2022 she graduated with a choreography and performance master's at ISAC -Institut Supérieur des Arts et Chorégraphies, in Bruxelles, Belgium.
During her master's studies, Naama participated in the works of Mallaury Scala and Ine Bonnaire - A Band Of Nothing. With her graduation solo, ‘SickHomeLand’ Naama performed in Israel and also took part in the Top Floor festival in Bruxelles, Belgium. Together with Géraldine Haas, they created a physical studio research called - CARE. Namma gave workshops around CARE as intimate and political questions at once, both in Brussels and Israel.

In addition, she focuses her work as a rehearsal director/ dramaturge and has already assisted: Pierre-Louis Kerbart - “Cause I've been thinking ‘bout forever, ooh” and “Dragon.” Ine Bonnaire - ‘FUCK.’ André Chapatte - “Songs of man”. Géraldine Haas - solo research, Florian Boutin - ‘KêR.’

From February 2022, Naama is producing and curating the “La Fuga De Agua” monthly events of performances and concerts in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium.

From June 2022, Naama is taking part first as a dramaturge and from May 2023 as a performer in Compagnie Sale Gamine with the project “AÏE AÏE AÏE.”