Hussein Ashtan
© Hussein Ashtan

Parvin Saljoughi is an artist who defies the constraints of categorisation. With a career spanning choreography, dance, and performance art, she continuously explores the boundaries of her artistic expression.

Her work delves into the essence of the political body, exploring themes of vulnerability, power dynamics, uncertain presence, imagination, and societal invisibility. Her pursuit lies in revealing the unseen forces within the visible, transcending mere external appearances.

In 2023, Parvin had the privilege of being a scholar at Berliner Festspiele (Theatertreffen). She has received support and co-production opportunities from prestigious organisations such as Flash Art, Live Works VOL.07, Batard Festival, and Tashweesh Festival. Additionally, she has participated in artist residencies at notable institutions including PACT Zollverein, Beursschouwburg Brussels, workspace Brussels, Centrale Fies, and Bongah.

Throughout her career, Parvin has collaborated with esteemed artists including Serafine1369, Hooman Sharifi, Cherish Menzo, Nana Bilus Abaffy, Iris Van Peppen, Claudia Castellucci, Camilla Strandhagen, and Noor Abed. In 2021 she undertook an internship with Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart company. She will be dancing alongside Wen Hui in their upcoming premiere at Mousonturm in 2023.

She holds a master's degree in Choreography from Institut Supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies (ISAC). Prior to that, she studied visual arts and graphics at the University of Applied Science in Tehran, refining her skills in visual storytelling. Parvin, an artistic 'alien' from Tehran, Iran, currently based in Brussels.