Yalombo Lilonge, Castélie
oscar cassamajor
© oscar cassamajor

Castélie Yalombo Lilonge is a Belgian artist, graduated from ULB and the Higher Institute of Choreographic Arts of ARBA-ESA in 2020. Her artistic practice is at the intersection of choreography, installation and poeticspeech. She questions the status of identity and otherness, as well as the subject/object status of the body. Those questions find a place in a broader research on the capacity for kinesthetic empathy in the relationship of the performer to the audience. She's a member of the collective Wedntknwyet and the organisation JUST A NAME vzw, where along side Loucka Fiagan and Oscar Cassamajor they focus on differents ways to get into permament cultures of our environments and our relationships with the world.