Cuttings | Zinaïda Tchelidze

"Cuttings" est le premier chapitre d'un cycle d'un an comprenant 3 exposition. 


Avec les travaux de Zinaïda Tchelidze (ALUMNI Cursus Gravure)

commissariat par Sungyoon Ahn (ALUMNI Master Pratiques de l'exposition - CARE) & Marion Adrian.


Poetics of hospitality is an artistic and curatorial reflection conceived as a series in three chapters addressing the notion of hospitality and the unspoken rules that underlie this universally-shared custom. The word hospitality in and of itself - derived from the Latin word hospes, which means both ‘host’- the one who receives - and ‘guest’ - the one who is received -  invokes the complexity of the host-hosted relationship. 

Departing from the form of the pavilion, a transitional structure which challenges the concepts of property, territoriality and borders, Poetics of hospitality invites artists to question their link to this space as potential guests or hosts.


For the first chapter, the artist Zinaïda Tchelidze (b.1982, Georgia) presents Cuttings, an in-situ project that unfolds between the Het Paviljoen and the garden of the KASK campus.